Will Exercising Chest Permanently Disfigure my Implants?

I got 700cc silicone unders almost 6 months ago and am definitely ready to get back to exercising. When I flex my muscles, the implants do distort, but only during the contraction, then they go back to their regular placement. I'm wondering if repetitive contractions of the muscles, through exercise, whether directly or indirectly working the chest muscles can permanently disfigure my implants? I can try my best to not isolate and work the pectorals alone, will that make a difference?

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Chest exercise with Implants

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I have seen patients who exercise the chest muscles with bench press or push-ups for example after breast augmentation. The implants tend to become further lateral causing more gap between the implants after doing such exercises. Patients do not like having a gap between implants, so I ask patients not to do chest exercises for at least nine months after breast augmentation. Your chest will look good even if  you don't do them!

Repeated pec major exercises.

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I worry that repeated chest workouts can, over months to years, gradually push the implant diagonally downward and outwards, as the tissue at the side of the chest is not strong enough to resist the muscle's force pushing on the implant without gradually stretching.  This is especially true in slender women with large implants.  So, I tell my patients not to do push-ups, pec deck, flys, and other exercises that work the pec. muscle.  If you train at all, train very very lightly in this area.

Besides, if your chest already looks great, there's not much need to really work it out!

After breast augmentation.

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Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your successful breast augmentation. In most cases after breast surgery, exercise does not cause any deformity. The movement and distortion of the breast implants with use of the pectoral muscles is completely normal and, as in your case, resolves with relaxation of the muscle. Be aware that over time you could see some lateral displacement. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

Aldo Guerra, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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700 cc Implants Under The Muscle and Workouts

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    700 cc implants are large for any submuscular pocket.  Most of the implant is likely not under the muscle anyway.  Having said that the stronger the muscle is the more likely the implant can be displaced.  If chest muscle strength is very important to you, then you may be willing to risk lateral displacement of the implant.  I have seen bodybuilders without any problems, but this can happen.

Exercising Chest after Breast Augmentation?

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation procedure; keep in mind that your plastic surgeon is always your best resource in guiding you regarding activities/exercise.
In my practice, I ask patients to avoid pectoralis major heavy exercises such as push-ups, bench press, flies… as long as possible after the breast augmentation procedure. I am concerned that these exercises may contribute to breast implant displacement laterally.  Otherwise, I do not have concerns about exercise and “disfigurement”.
 I hope this helps.

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