From a B to a G Cup with 300cc Implants, How is That Possible?

I took the advice of my PS about the size, shape, and placement, but he was so far off that I was embarrassed by the size even after several years. He told me that I was a B cup and that 300cc saline, over the muscle would make me a perfect C cup. During my FU appointment I expressed my dislike for the size (G) and he told me that he has never had anyone complain about being bigger. it common to be so far off from the size? I am 5'4, 125lbs, athletic, with what he called a wide breast plate.

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How Much Does 300 cc Increase the Cup Size?

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   In the average woman, 200 cc to 250 cc is needed for a cup size change.  The average implant size placed in the US is 350 ml.

Breast Implant Bra Size

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It is important that you are happy with your size after surgery. If you feel that it is too large, consider a smaller implant. Bra size can be a confusing way to evaluate breast size because there is so many differences in bra company sizes and the way women wear the sizes. I like to have my patients try implants on in bras in the office before surgery to get a better idea what bra size they will be after surgery.

B to G with 300 cc?

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Thanks for sharing. I must say that I have not seen this large a change in cup from 300 cc. A more typical increase in size is 1 or 2 cups for 300. You might be wearing the wrong bra. Best of luck, Dr. Aldo.

Aldo Guerra, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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B to a g cup

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it does not matter what size bra you wear, though your story is odd.  if you feel you are too big get them made smaller. however in my pracice, a 300 cc implant for someone of your height and weight is not unusual

Jonathan Saunders, MD
Newark Plastic Surgeon

G cup after 300 cc?

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Usually a 300 cc implant will make about a 1.5 to 2 cup size increase over what you had before.  So, for most people starting with a B cup, they would end up in the C to D range, once everything settles in.  I'm surprised that you are wearing a bra that is 5 cup sizes larger, unless the bra is from a country that doesn't use the bra sizing system used in North America.

Regardless, if you feel too large, you need to speak with your surgeon about an implant exchange to a smaller size.  Sorry to hear about your frustrating experience.

Upset about going from a B to a G

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I can certainly understand being upset. Honestly, some of the story doesn't make sense though. I cannot understand how just 300cc can make that large of a difference. Make sure you are correct about the size of the implants. In general you should see a cup change for every 150-200cc. If your surgery was recent it could be just a lot of swelling. Also - make sure that you are not pregnant!!

Too Large after Breast Augmentation?

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 I'm sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction after breast augmentation surgery. Your situation, however demonstrates the problems associated with communicating breast augmentation goals  and  referencing cup sizes. I routinely ask my patients not to communicate their goals and/or judge the outcome of surgery based on a specific cup size.

 In your case, if you  are certain that your breasts are too large, downsizing of breast implants may be indicated.  Sometimes, during this operation, capsulorraphy techniques may be helpful/necessary as well.

 I hope this helps.


B to G cup using 300cc Implants

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It is not uncommon to be far off from implant size to bra size, as you mention in your question. I learned from one of my patients that sizing for bra cup sizes has recently changed. She used to wear a C cup bra after her breast augmentation. But, she told me that what was once a C cup is now considered a DD cup at various bra stores. So, your G cup bra may have been sized as a D or DD cup in the past. The bottom line is how you look without regard to bra size. The most important factor is your satisfaction with the results. Hope this helps!

Thanks for your question. Best wishes!

Gregory Park, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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