Exercise After Tummy Tuck and Muscle Repair

I had a tummy tuck w/ muscle repair (4 in. sep. & hernia) on 4/19/10. I'm 10 wks post -Fri, 5/28. I began exercising on Fri on the stationary bike, strength training & jogging. Fri: 30 min. bike & strength training; Sat: 40 min. bike & arms; Sun: 2 mile jog. Is this safe or is it too soon?

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Exercise after tummy tuck

Surgeons may have different opinions as to when to resume exercise and how much exercise to do. Check with your surgeon for your best results. In general I allow my patients to resume non-core cardio at 6-8 weeks and core related exercise at 3 months. I also recommend that they allow themselves 1-2 months to build back up to where they were before surgery. You should expect some discomfort from time to time after you resume your exercise and this will gradually subside.

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You are on the right schedule but avoid ab work until 12 weeks post-op

I would allow my abdominoplasty patients undertake all that you have by 8 weeks after their surgery. However, I want them to avoid any direct abdominal exercises, such as sit ups, until twelve weeks post operation if muscle plication was a component of the abdominoplasty.

David A. Ross, MD (retired)
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Exercise After Tummy Tuck

It is commendable that you wish to return to exercise as soon as possible after surgery. Your plastic surgeon will be your best resource when it comes to determining the return to specific activities after the specific procedures performed. He/she will know exactly how you are progressing and whether or not you have experienced any complications. Remember, that he/she is ultimately responsible for your care.

  Having said that, I ask my tummy tuck patients to start walking ASAP after surgery but refrain from any heavy-lifting or strenuous exercise for 6-8 weeks to prevent complications and ensure proper healing. It may be 4-6 months before you reach your full energy and strength levels. Best to “go slow” and listen to your body as you gradually increase or activity level. Best wishes.

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Exercise after a tummy tuck

Clearly this should be addressed by your doctor but in my practice I let light exercise begin at 2 weeks avoiding any abdominal straining for 8 weeks.  After that, I let the patients begin doing everything and have never seen a problem from that plan.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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