Does Exercise Help Swelling After TT?

I understand that after a TT the odd reconnects and maybe regenerates new lymph channels. My question is, after two months of healing, will exercise help this process along or delay it? My sense is that while it may cause some swelling the additional swelling may ask the body to adapt and find ways to clear it. Thanks in advance for your replies!

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Exercise post tummy

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I think at 2 months you can do whatever you want.Whether this will cause less swelling I don't know but
I al;ways think it is good toexercise.

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Exercise after Tummy Tuck

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I generally recommend no heavy lifting or strenuous activity (no exercise) for 4 to 6 weeks after tummy tuck. After six weeks, I encourage patients to slowly resume exercise routines *gradually*. Remember, during the six week postoperative period - you will be deconditioned. I do prepare patients do notice some increased swelling once exercise is resumed. Over the next several weeks, this post-exercise edema will no longer manifest. Exercise itself will not help reduce this swelling.  If swelling manifests during your workout routine, you may benefit from use of compression garments.   But please check with your surgeon with respect to his/her specific recommendations.  Enjoy your results!

Dr. Basu

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Exercise after TT

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Hello and thank you for the question.

I advice all my patients to exercise after this procedure, as surgeon we did our part. And its the time for the patient strengthen the muscles after the surgical tightening to get better shape. However, i advice you to start slowely from activating your body to strengthening, and I know thats physiotherapy and body massage can help the swelling to clear out.

Good luck.


Fatema S. Alsubhi, MD
UAE Plastic Surgeon

Exercise after tummy tuck

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Two months after tummy tuck, exercise is generally beneficial to mobilize you and I would not expect that it would cause swelling if you are sensible and do not overdo.  Discuss your proposed exercise plan with your plastic surgeon, start slow and build up gradually.

Exercise after tummy tuck

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There is not scientific study to validate an answer to your question.  However, I find that my patients do tend to swell if they are too active this early after a tummy tuck.  These are temporary issues and do not cause permanent problems.   We recommend common sense, if it hurts, or causes swelling, don't do it.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck, Exercise, and Swelling?

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Thank you for the interesting question.

I agree with your hypothesis although there is no way to prove ( based on clinical study)  that it is true. Certainly, there are so many benefits to exercise ( physical, mental…) that I would urge you to do so under the direction of your plastic surgeon,  even if some soft tissue swelling results. 

Best wishes.

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