How Soon Can You Exercise After a Pearl Laser Treatment?

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You can exercise immediately after the Pearl laser resurfacing.

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The Pearl laser ablates only the epidermis. Exercise will not affect the healing process. The face may seem to burn a bit more if body temperature increases and the blood vessels in the face dilate to allow radiation of heat. If your idea of exercise is boxing, then the answer is "no" to exercise for a couple of weeks.

Exercise after Pearl Laser Treatment

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For most patients, it's not really an issue of can or can not exercise, it's much more a comfort issue.  Your face may feel some burning or stinging the first 4-5 days after treatment if you start to sweat.  When the skin is in the dry, tight phase after treatment for the first two days or so, if you exercise you may experience more swelling (especially around the eyes) that may be more uncomfortable.  Swelling and stinging will not effect your overall results, only your level of comfort.  I would discourage you from exercise outside in the sun for the first 10 days or so, even with sunblock/sunscreen you will be very sensitive and the last thing we want is for your new fresh skin to get a sun burn.  Take it easy for the first few days and then get back in to your routine.

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