How Long Do Pearl Laser Results Last?

I was told that Fraxel Restore results would last approximately 5 years. How does that compare to Pearl Laser results?

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Duration of results depends on YOU

Pearl is a fully ablative laser that is wonderful for early photoaging, especially for dark spots and dull, lifeless complexions. It requires only 1-2 treatments in contast to Fraxel Restore which requires 3-6. The social downtime is 4-7 days depending on the settings used. It gives your skin a fresh start, getting rid of all those years of sunbathing and tanning beds.

The duration of effect will depend on how much sun damage you get AFTER the procedure. The regular use of sunscreens daily, along with topical antioxidants like green tea extract or vitamin C, and topical reinol, Renova, or Avage at night will allow your skin to look younger for YEARS!

Of course, you will continue to age, so likely you will need to add fillers at some point, and maybe need Fraxel or pearl again in 3-5 years.

Good luck and be smart.

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Pearl will last as long as you take care of your skin

Pearl Laser treatments are an excellent way to even out skin tone (get rid of brown spots), reduce some of the finer lines and wrinkles, and add a touch of skin tightening. This technology was developed to give a full face resurfacing with less down time than the traditional laser resurfacing techniques (CO2 and Erbium Yag lasers). My patients are seeing great results after only one treatment with a 4 to 6 day down time. Some patients are retreated at one month if they began with severe sun damage to their skin. If you take care of your skin through sunscreen protection and possibly antioxidants, this can be a long lasting result. This will depend on you, both from a standpoint of taking care of your skin and your genetics. I have not found the benefits that Pearl has shown through the use of Fraxel Restore (I do have both in my practice). It is a non-ablative laser with less down time, however, multiple treatments are needed and the results in my hands don't compare with Pearl. Pearl treatments can now be done as an ablative and non-ablative combination (Pearl Fusion) which is producing even better results!

David Rankin, MD
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Pearl laser will last a year and even longer if UV protection is fastidious.

The Pearl laser is excellent for minor sun damage. This is primarily color variegations that can be nicely homongenized with the laser. The procedure is well tolerated and the convalescence is only a few days. Very delicate wrinkles will also be helped.

Most patients will return to their normal lifestyles and will encounter some contact with the sun's rays. This will rekindle some of the pigment changes that the Pearl has helped (as will sun damage from years gone by). Patients seem to do well with a once a year regimen.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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