Examples of Underdeveloped Cheekbones?

what exactly does it mean to have underdeveloped cheekbones? Can someone post a celebrity example or something?

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Re: Examples of Underdeveloped Cheekbones and the Use of Surgical or Non Surgical Cheeklift Procedures.

Underdeveloped cheekbones are also referred as “low cheekbones.” The effect of this is that the face doesn’t look sharp and chiseled. 
This doesn’t necessarily undermine a person’s attractiveness.

Some celebrity examples might include: Renee Zellweger, David Schwimmer and Nas.

Some people may want to correct this issue with surgical cheek implants. It is also possible to achieve higher looking cheekbones through a non-surgical cheeklift.


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Underdevloped cheek bones

It means that the patient does not have prominent cheek bones.  The opposite of Chaleze Therrion.  This can often be changed with cheek implants.

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Underdeveloped cheekbones

  These are also known as flat cheeks or hypoplasia of the maxillary bone.  underdeveloped and flat cheekbones are best treated with  cheek implants. For results of what  the cheek implants looks like to see our website below

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