Enlarged Nipple After Breast Lift

I am 21 years old, and I have had a breast lift with breast augmentation four days ago. My recovery has been pretty easy actually, my only concern is that my left nipple protrodes out farther than my right. It is also much more sensitive. Is it possible that it is just swollen and that it was decrease in size as I heal or does it look like I will need to have nipple revision?

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At tihs point you just need more time

There will always be early asymmetries with a breast augmentation and a breast lift. You are very early in the healing process. The biggest problem with breast surgery is that there is another breast to compare it to. One side will always bruise less, feel better and drop faster, but in the end there will be improved symmetry. You can always expect some swelling of the areola and it is not unusual to have increased sensitivity on only one side. Continue with your recovery routine and give things a chance to resolve on their own.

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Asymmetry for several weeks after breast lift is common. Waiting generally takes care of the problem.

Asymmetric healing is the rule rather than the exception with most operations.  Almost always, with time the asymmetries evaporate.  Even if not, now is not the time to surgically address the problems.  Wait 6 months and you will probably have no issues.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Enlarged nipple after breast lift surgery


After a breast lift surgery some swelling of the nipples is possible. This is largely dependent on the technique that the surgeon used during the procedure. For many of our periareolar incisions, we use a strong suture around the perimeter of your new areola. This will help prevent widening of the areolas during the healing process. However, many time swelling can be noted within this circle throughout the areola and the nipple. We tell our patients to anticipate this and to apply a cold compress that will help decrease swelling in time. If you're swelling persists or if you notice any color changes please call your plastic surgeon right way

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Nipple Asymmetry 4 days after breast lift

We frequently see asymmetry in swelling, soreness even drain output in many patients. I would not get too worried about ANY of this for the time being. As time passes both areolas will become symmetrical but the process may take 5-8 months.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Speaking generally...

Nipple sensation is rather unpredictable after surgery. Patients often worry about numbness or decreased sensativity but their nipples canalso become hypersensitive which is sometimes more uncomfortable. Sensory changes usually subside and revert back to normal in most cases after a few weeks or months.

Nipple projection can increase from swelling of course and probably is the case if your nipple is significantly larger than pre-op amd your areola is swollen too. In addition, nipple projection can increase on a relative basis due to increased support and subareolar pressure from the implant. Nipples that fall into the soft and loose pro-op breast tissue or even invert can be forced out by the presence of the implant the same way the implant increases projection of the whole breast itself. In general, give it more time to see what the final result will be.

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Nipples after breast lift

Breast lift and revision may take some time to heal and swelling is possible.  Your asymmetry in nipple size and shape may reflect early edema.  You should not be concerned at this stage.

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Asymmetry Soon After Surgery

Congratuations on your recent surgery!

It is entirely normal to see differences between the breasts (like the ones you describe) soon after surgery that even out as swelling dissipates and healing progresses.

Don't hesitate to call your surgeon and express your concerns; your surgeon will want to know if you perceive a problem, examine you and address your questions!

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
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Nipple asymmetry after breast lift with augmentation

Changes in the nipple and breast will continue to occur for several days and weeks after mastopexy and augmentation. Allow your body more time to heal before you begin to consider revision surgery.

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Enlarge nipple after a breast augmentation

An enlarged nipple and areola complex just after surgery is very common. Most likely this is due to swelling and will improve over the next few weeks.

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Enlarged nipple after breast lift and augmentation

What you are describing is very common. As all have advised, stick close to your good doctor and ask these questions of them and give it at least 6 months before becoming the least bit concerned. It is probably just swelling.

The only other thing to realize is that it may be a magnification of something that was already there preop but you just didn't notice. A quick check of your preop photos will tell you that.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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