I Had Endoscopic Forehead Lift/ Browlift and Can't Move Left Brow After 6 Days; What to Do?

I am very happy with the results so far, since my doctor did different procedures at the same time, but I'm a little concern with the fact that I can't move one eyebrow. I still see the swelling, but I feel no numbness, and little bruising. The side I can't move hurts more than the other and have a tingling sensation by the sutures and is more swelled than the other side. Is it too early to know if there was nerve damage? Is it true that botox in the nerve would force it to move? GOD bless!!

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This is a common and temporary issue

This is not an uncommon usually temporary issue after browlift, and almost always the nerve will regain its function.  And no, Botox will not help with regaining of the nerve function.

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Time will help!

This condition, known as neuropraxia, is usually temporary. The inability to move one or both sides of the forehead after endoscopic forehead lift, though rare, certainly is something we see. It may be from stretching of the nerves, swelliing, or other causes. A watchful waiting approach is usually best, and the forehead should start moving well in a few weeks (sometimes even takes a few months!) If things don't seem to be improving, Botox in the affected side will only make things worse. Sometimes, however, a low dose of Botox to the side that is moving well will relax this "normal" side to help keep things even while the nerve heals.

Of course, talk to your surgeon first.

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I cant move my eyebrow 6 days after a endoscopic brow lift.

Do nothing. This likely is secondary to swelling or a "stunned" nerve. Patience is key. If after several months you still have no function it is possible you have a nerve injury. Obviously without examining you I can only answer this question from a probability standpoint.   Botox in the short term can help by reducing function to the opposite side and help improve the asymmetry. Good Luck!

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I Had Endoscopic Forehead Lift/ Browlift and Can't Move Left Brow After 6 Days; What to Do?

It's best that you go back to your plastic and cosmetic surgeon and ask him/her about this issue.  Your surgeon should be the one to speak with you about your recent surgery, post op healing and any other issues that may arise due to that surgery.  

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Palm beach forehead lift

At postoperative 6 after a brow lift, you inability to lift your brow may very well be a result of post-surgical swelling over th nerve and the muscle. I would recommend contacting your surgeon to let him know as he may be able to prescribe a medrol dose pack or manual lymphatic drainage treatments to help reduce the swelling more quickly. Botox would not be the treatment of choice at this early stage but if you had a pre-treatment with botox, it is possible the inability to move one of your brows could be a result of that, I strongly recommend notifying your plastic surgeon about your concerns even if you feel it is a bit too early after your surgery.

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Eyebrow not moving after forehead lift

Its early in the healing process and the nerve will come back over time. It is just stretched. Have patientce and folow up with your plastic surgeon.   

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I Had Endoscopic Forehead Lift/ Browlift and Can't Move Left Brow After 6 Days; What to Do?

At six days you are still healing from the surgery.  There is still swelling which could impede your eyebrow from moving normally.  You need to give this more time, it can be months before all swelling is completly gone and eyebrow function is back to normal.  Be patient.

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Forehead Paralyzed immediately after Surgery - Now What?

Weakness or paralysis of one or both sides is not uncommon and usually transient in nature. It may be from what is called a traction injury (stretching of the nerves during the course of surgery), swelliing, or other causes. Tincture of Time is the hardest medicine to prescribe but a waiting approach is indicated, and the forehead should start moving within several  few weeks (sometimes even several months)  You might want to consider using Botox, or Dysport  on the working side (Not the injured side ! ) to at least give you some symmetry until your other side has a functional return. Regular visits with your plastic surgeon until the function returns is indicated.

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