How Long Is The Recovery Time For The "Lateral" Brow Lift?

would like an idea how long the swelling/bruising of a Lateral Brow Lift might be?

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Lateral browlift healing time.

Lateral browlift healing time is about 1 week, but this would be a mistake for you since it will give you an evil look. Your brows are high enough.

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Lateral Brow Lift

Recovery for most patients is one week but I always estimate between 1-3 weeks.  If the  patient tends to bruise easily or if they want to be absolutely and completely bruise free then count on the longer time.

One way to help predict if you will like the results of the lateral brow lift is to have your provider inject a small amount of BOTOX just above your lateral brow.   You should see a modest elevation to you lateral brow.  While this is just a small amount of what can be lifted surgically, it should give you an idea of what to expect from the lateral brow lift.  Discuss further with your surgeon.  Good luck!

Hannah Vargas, MD
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Recovery of lateral brow lift

In most instances a lateral brow lift does not require more than 5-7 days of recovery but in rare situations bruising can demand close to 2 weeks of recovery time

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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Sometimes it is best to leave eyebrows alone.


I think it would be a mistake for you to have a brow lift, even though the recovery is quick and easy.

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Temple or lateral brow lift an healing

the temple brow lift can have little or no bruising but  some of my patients will get bruising that runs down to the lower lid rim by gravity and can take two weeks to  diminish if this occurs.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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How Long Is The Recovery Time For The "Lateral" Brow Lift?

A Lateral Brow Lift is performed through a small incision in the temple area and the scalp is dissection and pulled upward raising the latweral brow.  The healing time typically is several days.  That's the good news, now for the bad news.

Lateral brow Lifts are usually reserved, IMHO, for women who have the proper arch and position of the medial and central portions of the eyebrows but the outside (lateral) portion has fallen.  This is important because a Lateral Brow Lift does not dissect the eyebrow tissues completely off of the superior orbital bone like a formal Brow Lift procedure and as a such has limited ability (an longevity) to lift the brows.

From your photo, it appears that the entire left eyebrow is low inposition and flat without arching in the medial and central regions which means the lateral Brow Lift will have a marginal effect at raising the eyebrow.

IMHO, you should consider a Coronal Brow Lift that is capable of raising bot eyebrows along their entire length. The incision can be hidden 3 inches within the hairline and if performed properl, IMO, will not raise the frontal hairline along the center section.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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