Ematrix--yes or no?

I am an Indian girl, 25 years, scheduled to have my first Ematrix treatment this evening(THURS) .The doc promised me that there would not be any side effects and I could go for work from Sunday So is it true that it takes only one day for the redness and swelling to go . I am aware of that dot like brown stuff will appear on my face. How long will that take to go? And are those very visible. I have a fair skin tone, not too fair thou. Did you notice any bad side effects from this treatment.HELPP

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EMatrix for skin resurfacing, downtime

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eMatrix is a good treatment and doesn't depend on skin type, so that's a bonus. What we tell people is that there is about 2 days of "social downtime". This means you can go in public, but people you know will notice that something is different. The little marks can be covered with makeup easily, but they are noticeable if not covered up. They are tiny brown pinpoints. Swelling can occur but it usually only lasts for 24 hours, and can be halted by taking a Benadryl. Remember that you will be pink and may feel hot for about 24 hours too, but this is good, this is the energy in there, which is a desired result in the treatment. If you have the treatment on a Thursday evening I would think you can go to work on Sunday and be fine, but that's assuming that you don't mind wearing a good deal of makeup.

...depends on many factors

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Ematrix is an excellent treatment and is safe on all skin types including dark (skin type 6). It can help reduce acne scars in all ethnic types, however its the person that is performing the procedure that is the rate limiting factor. 

For darker skin types low energy levels should be used and passes kept to only 20-25% over lap at maximum. Depending on how you react, we can increase energy levels. 

Generally, we say eMatrix has little, if any downtime and is super safe. 

Hope this is reassuring. 

Dr Davin Lim
Laser Dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia

EMatrix for skin resurfacing

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eMatrix is an ideal 'laser' treatment for many patients, especially those of color as it is a radiofrequency device which is 'colorblind'.  Generally speaking, the treatments are not uncomfortable and have only a mild amount of 'social downtime'.  The small dot or grid-like pattern in the skin can be covered by makeup within a day or so.  One should generally avoid tanning or sun exposure and wear sunscreen when outside.  eMatrix will help improve the appearance of fine wrinkles, large pores and acne scars.  Several monthly sessions are desireable.

Sanjay Grover, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 245 reviews

Ematrix is one of my favorite treatments for acne scarring in skin of color

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Ematrix can be very effective in skin of color. Everything depends on the settings used and how the treatment is done, along with post-treatment care. You should not have had recent sun exposure and should use sunscreen after. There are two different tips, I prefer the standard sublative for my skin of color patients over the deep sublative.  I do have my patients wear makeup as desired the next day. Sometimes the redness and small brown dots can persist for about 5 days. A series of treatments are usually needed at about 3-5 week intervals.

Doris Day, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

EMatrix for Fitzpatrick skin types (4-6)

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I use eMatrix in dark Fitzpatrick skin types and have found it to be very effective for acne scar treatment. I don't overlap and use energy levels in the mid to lower range, treating every 4-6 weeks. 

Most patients have limited downtime and can plan to return to work the next day. 

Dr. Karamanoukian

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