What Do Eleven Lines Mean?

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11 lines

The 11 lines are lines that are vertical and found between the eyebrows. They are formed by over active corrugator muscles.  Often Botox use can soften them.

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11 Lines

Furrow or "knit" your brows together to create "eleven" lines. They are referred to as "elevens" because they often can look like two lines or the number 11.  

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11's invented by Allergan

It seems that Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, came up with this term for the vertical muscle related creases between your brows.  The actual term is nasoglabellar furrows.  Clearly "11's" is more catchy.

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What are 11 lines

This has become an industry term for the line or two lines present between the eyebrows when those muscles are clenched and furrowed. 11 lines can be dynamic (meaning they are only present when one furrows the brow) or static (meaning the muscles have been used and tightened so many times that they've created a permanent line in this area).

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When people frown and make a furrow between their eyebrows, they often have two folds or creases that form and they look like an "11".  There are also people who have "1's" and that is one fold when they furrow.  And finally, there is the 111's, which is three lines when they furrow.  Allergan, the makers of Botox, had used this in their marketing, "Which 'one' are you?"  The term eleven's continued to be used in the aesthetic because it is easy for patient's to associate with.  I appreciate your question, because it enlightens us providers that not everyone know our "jargon" we commonly use.  Thank you.

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Botox treating the "11s" or vertical lines between the eyebrows

Hi and thank you for your question. Nicknames, like "11s" when referring to the furrow or vertical creases that form between the eyebrows, can often become used in an industry and it takes a good question like this to stop and realize how this so commonly used reference internally, can cause you to speak to patients using this terminology (and in this case, Allergan, the makers of Botox) without considering how confusing this can be.

As others have answered, the "11s" has become a name given to very common vertical surface lines between the eyebrows, as the strong muscle activity underlying contracts and causes repetitive "creasing" or "pinching" of the skin in that area. There is a patient education tool provided by Allergan in many offices that is attempting to answer this very question, offering a question to you as to if you have a "1", "11", or "111", as there are similarities in many people as to how the muscles work in this area. Some people will notice a single vertical line or pinch, and sometimes these muscles crease the skin to form as many as three creases, all which can be softened, relaxed, and restored to a smoother appearance by administering Botox to the underlying muscle.

On behalf of all of us in an industry where this slang has become everyday use, we hope this is helpful clarification.

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The "11" frown

With aging it is common for patients to develop two deep furrows between the eyebrows when frowning. This often looks like an "11" and thus it is referred to as such.

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11 lines are the lines between your brows

Many people get vertical lines between the brows, when they make a frown expression with their brows, .  These are called 11's.  Some people have one line others have several lines.  It just depends on your anatomy.

Usually the best treatment for these lines is Botox (or a similar medication called Dysport). Botox works best on the part of the line that gets deeper with expression (that is called a dynamic line).  If you still have a deep line between the brows, even when your face is relaxed, you might need some filler like Juvederm or Restylane.

The best way to determine which treatment will work best for you is to visit an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

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These are the vertical creases formed at the beginning of the eyebrows, caused by repeated frowning.
Botox will relax the muscle and prevent this from getting deeper. Once they are apparent at rest, a filler, or resurfacing may be required to smooth the 11's.

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Frown lines between the eyebrows are called the "eleven"

As one frowns, the inner eyebrows are pushed together causing vertical pleats. Some patients have a "V"-shaped orientation but most have two parallel valleys once the muscles contract. The 2 creases then are referred to as the number "11" because they are parallel.

Botox relaxes the muscles and as the skin stops creasing above the muscles, the parallel creases diminish and the "11" fades typically.

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