How Effective is LaserLipo for Neck Fat?

I am a male in my early 40s. I am 5'11, 181 and in pretty good shape. i work out and am not overweight, BUT my entire neck area is fatty and has been for many many years. when i put my chin down to my chest it looks particularly bad. How effective might LaserLipo be in a case like mine? I have read many people here writing about excruciating pain, brusineg and swelling in other areas of their body, but can't find much specifically written about the neck. thanks.

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Laserlipo is very effective for removing neck fat and recovery is minimal

I have had excellent results using the Laser lipo SlimLipo procedure to remove neck fat over the past 4 years.

I prefer the Laser lipo technique in the neck because much smaller instruments can be used in this delicate area. The Laser lipo dissolves the fat so the liquid can be removed effectively with very small cannulas. The heat generated by the Slip technique also tightens the skin.

In my experience bruising and recovery time are less with the Laser lipo technique in the neck and chin area.

It is still important to wear the chin strap or compressive garment following Chin or Neck Laser lipo as this helps reduce swelling and skin smoothing.

For photos of results of Laser lipo of the neck and chin see the link below.

Laser liposuction of the neck fat

This is an excellent way to treat the excess fat under your chin and around your neck.  Adding the laser improves the chances of getting the results you want.  This procedure is safe and effective.  Depending on the extent of your "problem," we can do this under local anesthetic and have you on your way home in just a couple of hours.  From my experience, excruciating pain, bruising, and swelling is uncommon with this procedure. 

Allan J. Parungao, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 12 reviews

Laser lipolysis is excellent for the neck

Laser lipolysis is an excellent choice for the neck where excess fat is often hereditary.  The fat pad present underneath the chin is resistant to other methods of non-invasive treatments (such as Thermage) and is too superficial for some of the newer methods coming out, such as ultrasound or cryolipolysis.  Traditional liposuction works well here, too, but laser lipolysis has less bruising and downtime and has more skin tightening.  I think it is one of the best area of the body for laser lipolysis. For people whose neck is heavier than their body, it can put them back in proportion and for people who are very overweight it makes them look like they have lost weight all over.

Amy Forman Taub, MD
Chicago Dermatologic Surgeon
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Chin Liposuction

We find neck lipo to be very effective; people having a procedure on Friday and going to work on Monday.  Pain is not usually an issue, but bruising can occasionally occur, but to not any large degree.  Overall, a very popular procedure and we use laser, and sometimes Vaser if warranted.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 17 reviews

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