Effect of Smoking on the Elascisity of the Skin?

Hello, I've been reading questions from other patients and noticed that many doctors said that smoking is bad for the elascisity of the skin. I have some loose skin after weight loss (lost the weight over a year ago). Could it be possible that the skin would shrink a little bit more if I stopped smoking or is it too late and surgery is my only option? Kind regards and pardon my bad English.

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Smoking and skin elasticity.

There is no question that smoking affects skin elasticity but not enough to cause it to tighten after quiting. However smoking is among the worst things you can do to your skin not to mention your overall health.  In addition if you are considering surgery you need to quit as smoking will increase your risk of complications.

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Stopping smoking will not improve your skin tone

Nicotine interferes with wound healing. However, if you have skin stretching as a result of weight loss, if you stop smoking, you will not see an improvement in skin tone. However, you will be in a much better position to undergo surgery to correct the problem. Congratulations on the weight loss. Next stop would be giving up the cigarettes!

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Smoking and elasticity of the skin.

The elasticity probably will not change after smoking cessation, but if you decide to pursue surgical correction for your loose skin, then smoking cessation will improve wound healing.

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Loss of Skin Elasticity and Smoking?

Thank you for the question. Your English is perfectly fine.

Congratulations on your weight loss; unfortunately,  the appearance of your abdominal wall skin will not necessarily change significantly when you stop smoking. However, stopping smoking will be beneficial in many ways.  This will be necessary if you decide to proceed with plastic surgery body contouring surgery.

Best wishes.


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Loose skin

The loose skin can be from the weight loss. Smoking can worsen this problem. Quitting will improve the blood flow to your skin, but will not likely restore lost elasticity.

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