Can I get my sebaceous cyst removed with no scarring?

I have a sebaceous skin cyst on the left cheek of my face, around the size of a pea. I need to get it removed, but I don't want any scarring. Is there any way I can get it removed through the inside of my mouth, instead of through my cheek? Is there any possible way I can do it non surgically?

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this is an interesting question. Some dermatologists will inject steroids into the cyst to try to have it involute. I have never liked this option because it can often create a contour deformity that requires a bigger operation to fix it. On occasion I have removed a large cyst in the cheek through a facelift incision. This is only possible if the overlying skin of the cyst is in good condition and the punctum is either invisible or very small. If it is done from underneath, it is possible to require a second operation to clean up any skin that does not heal properly. Therefore a small uncomplicated cyst is generally managed best with a small incision. however if the cyst is much larger then an attempt at  removal from a hidden incision where possible might be warranted. Good luck

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Cyst Removal Without a Scar

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Nobody can claim to do surgery and not leave a scar.  you will always get a scar, sometimes smaller or better than others, when you cut the skin.  Lasers post treatment can help improve the apperance of the scar along with Biocorneum gel.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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