How do you know if you have symmastia? (Photos)

I had a breast augmentation and lift June 23rd, 2016. I realize they have not fully dropped yet and some swelling may be preset, but I am a little concerned as they get closer and closer together. Should I be concerned? Mentor 450cc gummy bear high profile implants. BWD was 11.5.

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How do you know if you have symmastia?

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Thank you for the question and pictures  Although your implants are very close to the midline I do not think you have symmastia. True “symmastia”, when a breast implant (or breast tissue: "congenital symmastia") crosses the midline and communicates with the other side, is quite rare. 

Regardless of the semantics,  if implant position is of concern to you, correction of the implant position is possible with an internal suture technique (in my practice a two layer capsulorrhaphy and often acellular dermal matrix reinforcement)  and reverse image capsulotomy ( opening the spaces on the sides of the breasts). Keep in mind that even after correction of the implant malposition there may still be some skin” tenting”. I routinely  recommend the use  of the symmastia (thong) bra  postoperatively.  You may find the link attached helpful.
Best wishes.

How do I know if I have symmastia.

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Symmastia is diagnosed by physical examination and your PS can tell you if you have it. One sign that's pretty consistent is the ability of the breast implants to be pushed to the other side of the chest. For example, the right implant can be pushed under the skin of the left breast. The photos show the breast implant is very big for your tiny frame and if you do have symmastia is likely due to the larger breast implants you chose. I'm glad you got the size that you wanted, but you really maximized the space! In fact, the implants cause the breasts to touch over the middle of the body and still give you a bit of a "side boob".  It's a nice result and with drop and fluff will likely look even better in the future. Best, Dr. ALDO

Memory Shape implants + Lift require longer to "drop and fluff"

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Thanks for the question and pics.  Your early results look good.  The 2 week collage shows a predictable "after" with upper pole fullness and incomplete implant settling.  In contrast to Memory Gel aug-pexy, the Memory Shape aug-pexy needs more patience and time, 3-6 months on average, for the final results. The submuscular position contributes a lot to the roundness of the breast but the lower pole arc of the implants will "reshape" your breast, stretching the base and redefining it.  Given your preop base diameter of 11.5cm, I doubt that the MH 450cc will produce a symmastia.  It's a process, just be patient and confide your concerns to your PS.

Lavinia K. Chong, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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