Pink skin a week after tattoo removal? (photo)

Is it normal to have pinkish/white skin after scab has fallen off from tattoo removal? would this be considered hypopigmentation? and is it permanent? the tattoo is located on my lower side. background: this will be my 4th session. My 3rd session was back 2015 and I just did my 4th recently because I had gone to mexico in Jan and waited 6 months after I got back to go for my next session.

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Thanks for your question. Yes, it is normal. It is fresh skin so it can remain a pinkish color for a while. Ideally, you want to wait until that has vanished before continuing your treatment. You should consult with a qualified physician for further information.

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Tattoo Removal -- Pico/Q Switched Laser

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The skin is sensitive after removal.  Please speak to your physician about the appropriate skin care.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Healing from Laser Tattoo Removal

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Hlarm,It is expected that you will experience some pinkness and/or redness up to 4 weeks after your treatments depending on the type of laser used and it is possible to have a temporary loss of skin pigmentation in the treated area; it can be permanent in some cases. What I see in your picture appears to be hypopigmentation, but it is difficult to make a determination on whether or not is temporary or permanent. I tell my clients if hypopigmentation lasts longer than 6 months after your last session it is likely going to be permanent. But do not worry a good permanent make up artist can match your skin color and provide a great result. You should generally return to your clinician after 8 to 10 weeks to continue the tattoo removal process. Kudos to your clinician for advising you to delay treatments after a great deal of sun exposure, hope you wore your SPF in Mexico!You can check out our Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ section on our website link below of more info on this process and what to expect after each treatment with the Picoway. Good luck to you and I hope you have a successful clinical end result! Sam Sadler MD - Memphis, TN

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