Should my wound be wide open 2 weeks after surgery? Partial mastectomy ... I see the stitches (Photo)

I have pics.... Please help me. This is the 3rd surgery on the same breast for three months... And from the looks of it look like I might have another one. First they said its just a bad abscess now it was a large cyst.... I already had two other surgery on my left breast for the same thing! That's 5 surgerys on my breast... And I'm tired

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Open breast wound after partial mastectomy

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Your wound healing is not normal.  I hope that you've been back to see your plastic surgeon about it.  If you've had radiation to that breast, that may account for some of these troubles.  Or it could just be infection that caused it.  Either way, best to be evaluated by your surgeon quickly.  

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Open breast wound

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From your pictures it appears that you continue to have an open wound. Either from infection or loss of skin.  You should be evaluated by your surgeon for options of either surgical closure or letting heal from the inside.

Open Wound 2 Weeks After Partial Mastectomy

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From the look of your pictures, this is certainly not a typical healing result at 2 weeks after surgery. It looks as though you have either a wound infection or skin necrosis. I would suggest that you get in contact with the breast surgeon that performed your surgery as soon as possible as this needs attention from qualified medical professionals. 

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