How much does a nipple sparing prophylactic mastectomy cost?

My mom had breast cancer and though we don't have the brca gene mutation I would still like to get a prophylactic mastectomy so I don't have to worry about breast cancer. How much would it cost? Would it be covered by insurance?

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Prophylactic mastectomy

The fee for a prophylactic mastectomy will vary, but I suggest you discuss this with a breast surgeon first. There are many options for reconstruction and these can be reviewed in the office once you determine if you want to follow through with the mastectomy.

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Prophylactic mastectomy

I have been doing prophylactic mastectomies in the safety and comfort of my office OR for many years(see


The chief of breast surgery at a university hospital comes to my office to do the nipple sparing mastectomy

and I do the immediate reconstruction.

Most insurances cover the mastectomy and reconstruction, as long as you can "go out of network".

The quality of the surgery oncologically and aesthetically are determined by the surgeons involved and their

experience working with one another.

The cost is determined by your anatomy(size and nipple position).

Hope this helps

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Prophylactic mastectomy

Prophylactic Mastectomy with nipple sparing technique may not be covered by insurance companies. You need to call the insurance company, since you are the policy holder and ask them if they cover any of the surgery. Also must decide if you want immediate breast reconstruction, and what method of reconstruction.
The bigger question is does nipple sparing mastectomy decrease or eliminate your chances of breast cancer?
Leaving some breast tissue under the nipple , for it to survive, in nipple sparing mastectomy may not give you 100% protection. This is a major decision beyond the cost issue alone.

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