Is It Easier to Lose Weight After a Tummy Tuck?

I just had my tummy tuck after 5 kids 2 weeks ago, and I started to think. Why is it other people I know and have seen (including 3 family members) will start to lose a lot of weight after a tummy tuck(not just the flat tummy. does it kick your metabolism into hyperdrive. Is your body think differently, or is it just easier to eat less. I would love and appreciate some answers and advice. I already have been eating better (healthier). I just dont want to look up one day and I m a tooth pick lol

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Easier to Lose Weight after a Tummy Tuck?

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Many of my patients have lost weight after tummy tucks and liposuction (long after the weight loss could have been attributed to the procedure). I think that they were more aware of their new look and took better care of their bodies through proper diet and exercise. A few were able to be more active since the loose skin in their abdomen was removed. Except for the weight removed during surgery, a tummy tuck will not directly cause more weight loss.

Tummy Tuck can motivate you for a healthier lifestyle and weight loss

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Going through the demands of an elective procedure such as a Tummy Tuck certainly can motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight or keep your weight stable.

This is a positive psychological effect of Tummy Tuck or any Body Contouring Surgery.

For the first 4-6 weeks there is a metabolic change in the body to catabolism which can promote weight loss.

However after the immediate post op period any benefit of the Tummy Tuck for weight loss has to do with psychological and lifestyle factors.

Yes it can help

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The level of motivation for diet control after a cosmetic procedure is usually higher.If plication has been done,it usually leads to satiety after eating less.But do not take anything for granted & follow a sensible diet & exercise routine anyway.

Anup Dhir, MD
India Plastic Surgeon

It is easier to exercise and stay motivated

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do not know any study supporting the fact that having tummy tuck itself contributes to better weight loss. I am positive that patients prepare themselves prior the procedure. They usually lose weight before and keep it off. Once the abdominoplasty is done patients tend to take a better care of their body. They watch their diet and have a good exercise routine. The great surgery results seem to really motivate everyone to work hard to maintain beautiful looking body.


Losing Weight after Tummy Tuck?

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Thank you for the question.  Congratulations on having had the tummy tuck procedure.

There is no physiological reason that I can think of that would allow patients to lose weight easier after undergoing tummy tuck surgery.

On the other hand, patients who have had tummy tuck surgery often report earlier satiety (possibly related to the tightening of the abdominal wall muscle and increased intra-abdominal pressure”. This early satiety may cause patients to eat less.

On the psychological/motivational front,  many patients who undergo tummy tuck surgery are very motivated to maintain their diet and exercise programs ( and to maintain/improve upon the results they have achieved with surgery).

Best wishes.

Lose weight before the tummy tuck

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Body contouring surgery such as tummy tucks and liposuction are not substitutes for weight loss. They will accomplish what diet and exercise don't, for example tightening loose skin and removing fat from areas where it is localized and doesn't respond to diet and exercise. Because these localized areas stand out, it often appears that weight loss has occurred. Often we see patients who are more motivated to continue with diet and exercise once these other issues are dealt with.

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