Ear Birthmark Removal Options? (photo)

I have a large black birthmark on my ear is it safe and possible to get it somewhat removed or even lightened?

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Giant Hairy Nevus

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This is a giant nevus. Treatment is usually serial excision if large. Your lesion is quite large and its location is complicated.  You should definitely visit with a board certified plastic surgeon for solid answers to your questions.

Treatment of Large Ear birthmarks - Giant Nevus

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This large black birth mark is called a Giant Hairy Nevus in the surgical literature and can be removed. It would then be resurfaced by a skin graft as the first option as that would best retain the natural shape and fine architecture of your ear. A second choice would be to remove it and place it under a flap of skin just behind hour ear unless that is also has the same problem.


Removal of a large Ear Pigmented Birthmark

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You have an impressive deformity. In order to answer your question I would like to see what the back of the ear and the scalp behind the ear looks like. If those areas are unpigmented, the pigmented skin can bevremoved (checked for cancer), and te ear cartilage burried under the normal skin r a few weeks allowing to adhere to the cartage. Once this happens the ear is lifted with its new pink skin and the back less visible portion of the scalp is covered with a skn graft. That not being possible the skin in front of th ear may be expanded gadfly with balloons and transferred in similar fashion a few weeks later. Toronto as many great Plastc surgeons. You may even try the Hospital for Sick Children which has a world wide reputation in our field. 

Good luck

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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