Is it possible to get any benefit from Caci Facials or other similar treatments or are they a waste of time? Furthermore are there any potential adverse side effects?

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Caci Facial ..

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There is clinical evidence CACI works. A study at the University of Washington showed microcurrents can increase elastin by 45%, collagen by 10% and the number of blood vessels by 35%. Elastin and collagen are what keep your skin plump and firm, and good blood flow will give you a glow.

I'd save your money

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CACI facials are a form of microcurrent treatment. They claim to tighten muscles and lift the face. The real problem is that muscles don't necessarily lengthen as we age, so "tightening" them isn't the answer to an aging face. If so, we as facial plastic surgeons would be tightening these muscles surgically. The only muscle we ever "tighten" is the platysma muscle, and we only do that to create a sling that lifts the neck. A CACI facial isn't going to give any long term improvement. There are other technologies (like Ultherapy or a Halo laser) that will give you visible improvements that last.
Andrew Campbell, M.D. Facial Plastic Specialist Quintessa Aesthetic Centers

Andrew Campbell, MD
Milwaukee Facial Plastic Surgeon
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CACI facials

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As far as I can tell, a CACI facial will not do anymore than moving your facial muscles around as part of daily life. The microcurrent is supposed to be like a "workout" for your facial muscles. Unless you have some type of facial palsy, regular day to day activities of chewing, blinking and talking should suffice. The microcurrent not tighten up collagen or elastin fibrils which are in the skin. I don't think there is anything harmful about a CACI facial, I just don't think you will get any visible results from it. 

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