How can I get rid of the swelling and redness? (photos)

4th day post Fraxel, 4th session. I've been speaking to my doctor about going closer to the eye since I had pigmentation patches around the eye area, so she pulled the skin gently and did it. Now my eyes are extremely puffy, as is my face, as never before. I took anti-inflamatory pills and at my doctor's advice anti-histaminic pills. I've tried cold gel patches around the eye, camomille infusions, rinsed with cold water several times per day... Nothing works, not even the pills. I'm very worried.

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Swelling from Fraxel

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Fraxel is a wonderful laser to treat these fine lines, sun damage, and wrinkles.  I would recommend speaking to your physician about some oral cortisone to help heal the inflammation.  Depending on the settings and how close you go towards the eye area you can have a great deal of swelling that may take up to two weeks to resolve.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist for the best cosmetic results who has experience with Fraxel for the best cosmetic results.

Reducing redness after Fraxel Laser

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Our office specializes in laser resurfacing treatments.  You can begin ceramide creams (Elevase Moisture Booster) to help the skin. In addition, pulsed dye laser can help with the redness. 


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