Drains Removed, 7 Days Later I'm Still Bleeding

My Abdominoplasty was 14 days ago. 7 days after surgery my Dr removed my drains. 2 days later bleeding started from the drain sight. My Dr extracted more blood with a syringe (another 30mls) He then pushed my belly to get the remaining blood out. The bleeding stopped for 2 days then started again! I'm back at work tomorrow and worried about bleeding through my clothes. The blood is dark, I am not in pain and my stomach is soft. When will the bleeding stop?

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Bleeding from Drain Site post Tummy Tuck

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It is normal to have a little bit of drainage after the drain has removed.  The skin wound will need a few days to fully close and until that happens some fluid can leak.  However, there should not be a large amount of drainage, nor bright red blood.   If this happens, go see your surgeon immediately.

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"Bleeding" after Tummy Tuck

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Thank you for the question. 

Based on your description,  It sounds like you may have had a collection of “old blood” that is gradually liquefying in making its way out through the drain site.  It does not sound like you have active bleeding.

As this fluid collection liquefies further aspiration by your surgeon may become necessary or  your body may  absorb the fluid.  For now I would suggest  the use of a pad on the drain sites and close follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

I hope this helps.

Bleeding after drain removal

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It sounds like it could have been some old blood that was not removed by the drain. If you had a big hematoma it may continue to bleed for another week. The other possibility is that when the drain was removed it tore a small blood vessel which was right next to it. This should take care of itself but you could continue to have a little oozing for another few days. Just apply some ABD pads over the drain holes.

Drain site oozing..

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The most likely cause of your drainage is an old collection of blood that initailly clotted and is now becoming more of a liquid. The liquid is just working its way out in the path of least resistance ( the drain site). This is usually self linited, but on occasion re-aspiration or even re-drainage may be necessary. If you start having pain or getting red, then you need to see your surgeon asap. At any rate, you should see him soon to see if more needs to be done. Good Luck!

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Drain Site Bleeding after Abdominoplasty Drain Removal

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If you have a collection of old blood that needs to drain, it may take a few more days. Usually some compression and time will take care of it. Ask your plastic surgeon if you need the fluid collection drained again. Also, check to see if you are taking any medications that could contribute to oozing (such as aspirin).

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