Dr Says No!? Second Opinion About Breast Aug After Breast Feeding For 15 Months? (photo)

Before having my daughter I was a 34 A, I'm 5'6" and generally around 130-145 lbs... After pregnancy and during breastfeeding I went up to a 36 D and loved it but of course afterard I shrank back down... My first consult the doctor told me I didn't need a BA and then told me if I really wanted them he might be talked into 525 cc's... I want to be full D's or DD's but he said it won't look right... My question is what would you recommend...

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Breast augmentation , breast feeding

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 from D cup and above it is usually considered a big cup , but if you love the looks then it can be done ! The most important fact is to evaluate the position of your nipples ( not being too low , so that a lift is not required  ) and the possibility to stretch your skin from A to D ( which is probably not an issue since you¨ve been there already ) . 

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Second Opinion About Breast Aug After Breast Feeding For 15 Months?

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I note quite a contrast between you don't need one, and then maybe 525cc. I recommend another opinion.

Clothed photos are not particularly helpful is offering advice. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Second opinion

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It never hurts to get a second or even a third opinion elsewhere if, for no other reason than to get differing perspectives.  Your pictures are not particularly helpful in giving you any advice.

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