Breast Augmentation and Cvid?

hello! i am 35 years old. i was diagnosed with common variable immune deficiency in 2003. the diagnosis was accidental, meaning no infections but an abormal a/g ratio which lead to a check of my quant. immunoglobulins which are all undetectable. no t cell involvement, no current meds/treatment, and no illness or chronic infections whatsoever. i have had 2 hip surgeries after an accident--2008 and 2011 (both basically elective) with no antibiotics. could i be a candidate for augmentation? ty!

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Breast Implants and immune illness

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Breast implants may not be the best choice for you, as they are a foreign object that is more susceptible to an infection during your lifetime.  You should consider fat transfer to your breasts instead.  You will need medical clearance before any procedure, and should be on antibiotics before and after your procedure.

Breast augmentation and immune disease.

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Sorry to hear about your immune disease.  It does not necessarily mean that you can't have surgery.  Your surgeon will probably request that you get a pre-operative clearance from your primary doc that's managing your immune system issues. 

Immune deficiency and breast augmentation

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I would discuss your medical condition with your plastic surgeon and your internist in order to figure out if you can do breast augmentation.  On the face of it I would say that breast augmentation is certainly possible.  Best of luck to you.

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