Dr. Sandra Lee's "Lunchtime Buff and Shine" with the Mixto Laser?

I've been looking into the lunchtime buff and shine with the Mixto and was told downtime is around 3-5 days and the settings were: 5, 20%, 5. However, during my research, I keep seeing Dr. Sandra Lee's lunchtime buff and shine touted as something with zero downtime and she speaks about using the laser at 5%. I have been unable to find the settings she used or really anyone with such experience. Is this new way really no downtime? What are the settings?

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Buff and Shine downtime

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There is a prescribed setting for buff and shine that predicts 3-5 days of social downtime. The MIXTO is an extremely versatile machine and doctors might use the buff and shine term for any setting. Also, the need for "social "downtime can vary among patients. When I do a MIXTOLite treatment, I always take into account the patients desired results, their available downtime and feelings of comfort about healing publicly. Most MIXTOLite patients experience redness for 20 minutes -2 days and can cover with makeup. They describe some texture to the skin that only they notuce. Peeling is variable. Hope this helps.

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