How Long Do Mixto Micro Laser Resurfacing Results Last?

I see many references to how long it takes to see full results (reduction in wrinkles, etc.) from mixto laser resurfacing, but I can't find any info about how long the results will last. Will the results only last a year as Dr Garcia thinks, until the newly formed collagen is gone, or are the results more permanent? I have just spent $3200 thinking this was a permanent improvement and was disappointed to read Dr Garcia's comments. He is not a fan of anything other than the original C02 laser.

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What to expect from MIXTO treatment and how long do MIXTO results last?

I counsel my patients that although many see immediate tightening of the skin due to the heat of treatment, it takes 6-12 weeks to start to see the new collagen production.  Studies tell us that collagen production after MIXTO continues for at least 1 year and other reports state the results should be expected to last 5-10 years or more. In my practice, patients who received MIXTO treatment up to 3 years ago, in fact, look younger now than they did at the time of the procedure.  

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Longevity of laser resurfacing clinical results

It's fair to state that the clinical benefits of laser resurfacing using Fractional CO2 laser such as Mixto should last about 5 years. However, this is largely dependent on individual's adherence to sun protection, use of quality skin care products such as antioxidants in morning and retinoids at night, avoidance of smokers, control of acne, and genetic predispositions. Follow up evaluation and management by a board certified dermatologist who is credible in both medical and cosmetic dermatology also will impact subsequent  clinical results.

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Mixto laser lasts at least 5 years and significant smoothig and tightening can last 15 years

I have been using The Mixto Laser for skin resurfacing on the Face, Neck, Chest, Arms, and Hands since 2007. My patients have seen no decrease in smoothness and minimal sagging. I have performed over 4900 CO2 laser resurfacing procedures since 1991. I have documented photographs of a patient 15 years after a full face CO2 laser resurfacing which shows remarkable smoothness and again minimal sagging.These kinds of results are very dependent on the experience and skills of the Surgeon performing Mixto CO2 skin resurfacing. The patient must also do there part. I have my patients on an Affordable, Effective, Customized Skin care program involving the daily application of a powerful Antioxidant Serum, an Exfoliating lotion, a 4% to 12% custom mixed prescription of Hydroquinone during the intense sun season ( April through October in northern California) for patients with skin that tans easily to prevent recurrence of pigment and MOST importantly, 45 SPF Sunscreen or higher 365 days a year rain or shine. Also, You must have 7 to 10 days of "down time" after one treatment to get these long term results. Less "downtime" than this means under treatment. All of the complaints of "I didn't get very good results" that I have seen are related to under treatment.  I have retreated less than 0.3% of all of my patients, all but 2 patients had deep acne scars

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