Is Dr. Jay G. Barnett in NYC a red flag doing Liquid Injectable Silicone ?

Dr. Jay G. Barnett in NYC has been using medical grade liquid silicone for over 40 years and and he says the FDA has approved. I'm a HIV patient and i wanna use liquid Silicone as a facial filler. I called Dr. Barnett office and I spoke with Sarah. Sarah told me after paying $150,DR. Barnett will answer all my questions. So, I asked Sarah if Dr. Barnett would give me ANY papers attesting what kind of Silicone he is putting on my face.She said NO and it's better if i don't show up. Strange no ?

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Liquid silicone for HIV lipoatrophy

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I would caution you against using any "permanent" dermal filler that cannot be easily removed, particularly to treat HIV lipoatrophy. Most of these type of fillers used for this particular problem have resulted in fairly severe complications that may be quite hard, expensive and unsuccessfully treated. Stick to a good volume HA filler and do touch ups every 9 to 12 months and you will likely have a very safe and long term improvement of your facial appearance.

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Dr. Jay G. Barnett is a world-class dermatologist, and has vast experience teaching and using microdroplet silicone.

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Dr. Barnett is truly "one of the great ones", and his personal experience with microdroplet silicone is unmatched by anyone still practicing. Would highly recommend visiting their practice for more information on microdroplet silicone for facial lipoatrophy, so you could see if this is something that might be right for you.

Hope this helps you.

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