Double Chin Liposuction with Hypothyroid Issues

I am 33, 5'10 and 225 lbs. My face seems to be the biggest part of my body, unfortunately! I have hypothyroid issues which makes is extremely hard to lose weight. I wondered if chin lipo could be an option for me because my double chin and neck are my biggest issue.

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Chin Liposuction

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This can be a very good procedure for you provided your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon evaluates you and determines the procedure will be beneficial.  Your neck muscles need evaluation and the fat tissue to be removed.

Reasonable expectation for neck liposuction for overweight individual

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IF you are being truly honest with yourself and this is the ONLY part of your body, you could perhaps be satisfied with NECK liposuction only. However, be prepared for relatively modest results. Do not expect any facial fat to be removed and set reasonable expectations and you will not be dissatisfied. Consider local anesthesia due to your higher rate of complications associated with your BMI greater than 31.

Double chin liposuction with hypothyroid issues

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As Dr Aldea has suggested get your medical issues taken care of. But you can have lipo of the chin to slightly improve the appearance.


Obesity due to Hypothyroidism

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Sorry to hear about your predicament. Your BMI is 32.3 which classifies you as obese and your ideal weight is 151 pounds making you 74 pounds overweight. Obviously it is impossible to lose weight with a low metabolic rate associated with Hypothyroidism. The key to getting a better you is in normalizing your thyroid status. Until that is accomplished not much can be done.

Fortunately, thyroid supplementation is straight forward and can be monitored by checking your TSH level. Once they are normalized for a while, if you wish neck liposuction may improve matters significantly.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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