What if I Don't Have Enough Fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

Im 5 9 weighing 130 pounds most drs in the tampa bay area dont do butt implants anymore, but i feel i dont have enough fat for the look i want to achieve. Im VERY flat in the back and i want a nice bubble butt. HELP!

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Thin patients bbl

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You have extra fat pockets in the flanks which would be liposuctioned and harvested to give that hourglass waistline.  I want to achieve that nice concavity and curve in the lower back giving you that "S-Curve" that women want.  There is enough fat to perform the procedure, and adding the volume to the buttocks as well as carving out the rest of the body will give you a fantastic result.  Be careful with pricing as in Plastic Surgery cheaper is not necessarily better.  You want to find a well qualified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure is because if there are issues with the operation and complications, it typically will cost you more financially and physically in the long run.  The saying you get what you pay for definitely applies in most cases in plastic surge

Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Skinny BBL

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You are a poor candidate for BBL.  Your curves need little improvement, if you are a model, photoshop your curves.  Liposuction risks leaving trackmarks.  If you insist on something then get a buttock implant but travel to someone who does it regularly.  There are some surgeons in the US that do it but few because it's got many complications.  I've spoken witih several people about it because I've been approached by many just like you with the exact same problem, I've just never done the operation.  


Ricardo A. Meade, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilian butt lift in the inpatient

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Brazilian butt lift is a liposuction fat injection. I've done this procedure in thin patients and had success. What you doing with his procedure is changing storage areas for fat if you have excess fat in the back, the flank the abdomen, the arms are the inner thighs this fact can be harvested and put in the buttocks to make flat areas more curvy. You cannot make a large buttocks in inpatient but can change the shape and sometimes you can have more curves. If there's found the waist removing the fat from that area making a narrow waist will make the buttocks look bigger. The other fact that helps is that liposuction is not a weight changing procedure. when you remove fat from the abdomen back her flank when calories are stored they can store in those areas and have to be stored someplace else and usually this is the buttocks. So tummy tucks and liposuction alone can make a buttocks little bit bigger.

In my opinion gaining weight for the surgery does not help. The reason why is because fat cells don't replicate. You born with a certain number of fat cells and keep the same number of fat cells throughout life. So when you gain weight for the surgery then lose weight after the surgery the buttocks will shrink with the weight loss so it doesn't really help you unless you stay at the heavier weight.

From your photo I don't see a lot of extra fat but if there's extra fat in the arms, thighs, back our abdomen fat injection may be an option. the problems with the implant our infection and the fact that it can be adapted to each patient the weight at injection can be adapted to each patient's shape.

Wendell Perry, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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What if I don't have enough fat for the BBL?

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Judging from the photo and your measurements it doesn't appear that you have enough donor fat for the Brazilian Butt Lift. In theses situation I usually recomment gaining about 20 pouns of weight and reexamining afterwards. Most of theses patients can,then, undero the procedure. But you must gain about 20 pounds; gaing smaller amounts will not be sufficient.

Buttock Implant

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Surely you do not have enough fat, nor you have enough for dermis fat graft from the tummy.

The only option is Buttock Implant.

If you understand the limitation of buttock implants and the need for further surgery and accept that fact then you can have a buttock implant, sub facial or intra muscular.

Buttock implants need maintainance, they can get displaced, they can form late seromas and thus you will need further surgery in the future. If you can accept that then you can have buttock implant. Remember you are fully responsible for all the cost of any further surgery and possible new implants.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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