Permanent Tattoo Removal

I had the symbol for "mother" tattooed (far right) and wanted "daughter" and "love" added to it. The symbol for "daughter" is on the left. I want to have this fixed, and the only alternative I see is to have it lasered off. Will laser tattoo removal erase it completely? Will it leave any scarring? I've been sick to my stomach since this was done. Please help me.

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Yes you can do tattoo removal we have the Medlite some colors are more difficult than others. Laser Tattoo Removal you can use for better results

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The Answer for Permanent Tattoo Removal

Black ink is typically the easiest ink to remove by laser, as long as all of the ink is within the skin, and not below.  We've seen cases where the artist has placed ink so deeply that it goes below all layers of the skin to the underlying tissues.  Our office has had great results with the PicoSure.

Laser tattoo removal for black inks is very successful - Buffalo Niagara NY

Thank you for providing a picture.

Clearly, a black ink tattoo has been used and these types of colors are the 'easiest' colors to fragment with laser energy. Lighter colors like the yellows and the fluorescent colors are most difficult requiring special devices and more sessions of therapy. 

We use the Alex TriVantage Laser in our Williasville laser office.

Black tattoo is easier to remove

Tattoo removal is easier depending on the color of the tattoo! If you have a tattoo color of yellow or green-blue, it can be faded but less likely to be removed! But if you have a tattoo that is black in color you can sometimes remove it completely depending on the depth of the ink. Sometimes, the laser can't absorb deep enough to remove the tattoo that it will leave a bruise like area that can be covered with makeup.

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R20 with picosure

The number of sessions vary although tattoos with the newer picosure can be as few as 4 sessions 8 weeks apart. R20 is two sessions done 20 minutes apart -a variation is to use a chemical which allows two treatments without waiting the 20 minutes . This is effective for resistant tattoos. Scarring does not occur if an adequate period between sessions occurrs

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Laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal is an excellent modality for you to remove the existing tattoo and have it repaired or adjusted in the future. 


Dr. Karamanoukian 

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Good tattoo for R20 method

This is a good tattoo for the R20 method - rapid removal which is 4 times faster than traditional laser tattoo removal.  See the link below for more informastion 

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Permanent Tattoo Removal is possible

Black ink is the easiest kind of tattoo ink to treat and can generally be broken down with the least number of treatments. If you choose an experienced and reputable treatment provider, your risk of complications (such as scarring) will be very low. This is a very important consideration when choosing where to go fro laser tattoo removal. Another important consideration would be the type of laser used. Currently, the ND Yag 1064 is the gold standard on the market and should be the top choice for effective, safe tattoo removal.

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Risks Always Exist with Tattoo Removal But Are Minimized with Reputable Provider

This kind of tattoo is not uncommon for us to see in the office and one that many of us routinely use lasers to remove. If you go to a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who is skilled in lasers, this kind of tattoo should not be too difficult for us to remove with a minimal chance of scarring or other pigment changes. The risks always exist, but you can minimize this by going to a reputable provider.

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Best option for tatto removal

Laser tattoo removal should work out extremely well for you. In your case, complete removal should be expected. Your best choices are the PicoSure and any of the q-switched lasers. Multiple treatments in one session can speed up removal. It is best to be in experienced hands to obtain the optimal outcome.

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