Is a Doctor Required to Do Lipo Dissolve?

Does the establishment giving lipo dissolve have to be a doctor...I was looking into it and I heard that the laws states that there is to be a doctor at the facility at time of procedure...if this is true than there are many places in my area doing it without a doctor around or in the building at the time.please respond ...only concerned about how to decide on the right place to go...thanks...

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Always check credentials

In New York, the practice of medicine requires that the individual is licensed by the state for that purpose. A licensed medical doctor can perform this procedure a lay person (non-professional) cannot. A nurse or physician assistant may perform this procedure under the supervision of a physician. You are right to be concerned about the credentials of the facility performing this procedure. You have a right as a patient to request the credentials information of any individual performing a medical procedure on you. They should be happy to produce their license to you. You can also research the credentials of an individual by visiting the state's licensing boards website.

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