What Are the Potential Issues of Dissolvable Thread Lift?

It seems to me that some of the problems with old Thread lifts could be resolved if the threads were reabsorbable. (Longevity issues still remain, but then it's the same problem with Botox. I guess a redo every 2-3 years isn't SO bad...) Is this procedure available in the U.S.?

And do any of the doctors on this site perform it? On a related note, other than longevity issues, what are some of the problems with a dissolvable Thread lift that may potentially crop up? Thanks in advance!!

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Resorbable thread lifts

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Resorbable barbed sutures are available. However, given my experience with non-resorbable threads, it is my impression that this would be very short lived.

I don't believe this would hold.

Having said that, many surgeons are using resorbable barbed sutures in combination with short scar face lifts. This has produced satisfactory results that are long lasting.

Threadlifts reabsorbable

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Yes, the available in the US now are all reabsorbable and are an excellent option for appropriate candidates. Although the duration of effect is dependent on many factors. If the threads are placed by an experienced physician, the risks are extremely low and minimal. Usually the issues are minor short lived. 


Andre Berger, MD

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