Can Direct Heat and Massage Help Break Down Restylane?

I can say I hate Restylane, I think I am allergic and my body is rejecting. And awful looking results. But terrified to have any more needles stuck in my face. Will direct heat and daily massage help to break down Restylane faster? I may have to opt for the Hyaluronidase due to my face looking so bad. Aything else to try besides the enzyme? So far, I've seen 2 plastic surgeons who would not inject the enzyme. Original doctor will but he's never done it before--too risky for me. Alternatives?

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Message and Heat for Restylane Removal?

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Hi 2396anon.  The heat and massage will likely not help get rid of the Restylane.  The hyaluronidase is the answer for you to get rid of the Restylane.

The most interesting part of your question relates to two plastic surgeons not wanting to do the reversal for you.  While it is risky for any practitioner to step in the middle of another's botched work, hyaluronidase is pretty straightforward, especially if you were to bring your medical records proving the injection of Restylane.  

Given your situation, we might still suggest going back to your original injector as the risk of any potential side effect with hyaluronidase is extremely low - even if he/she has not performed the procedure previously.

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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"Removing" Restylane with direct heat and massage

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Sorry to hear of your situation.

Several comments. Due to our litigious society, no physician likes taking on the management of complications by another physician or worse yet, a non-doctor. This is commonly seen with people who have complications from cosmetic surgery done in other countries or by illegal, unlicensed individuals in this country. Patients with substandard or poor results are justifiably angry but also tend to lash at all helping hands, making handling such cases a risky proposition for doctors.

While everyone can and seemingly does inject Botox and Restylane, we are NOT equal. Some of us ARE better than others. While picking the most expensive Plastic surgeon in town will not necessarily get you the best results, you can be sure that if you pick the loudest and cheapest you will never get the best and often will get a substandard or poor result.

As regards Restylane results - the great thing about them - they are self-limited. You are lucky you were not injected with a permanent filler (ArteFill or Silicone). In a matter of months, your results will fade and go away. In the meantime, what you do not want to do is aggravate them. If you cannot dissolve them with Hyaluronidase, I would be careful applying heat to the area. There is NO evidence that doing so will dissolve the Restylane.

Good Luck.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Eradicating Restylane

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I am not aware that direct heat will make the Restylane go away faster, nor massage. You mention you don't want more needles, but if the doctor puts a numbing gel on the inner lips and does a local block, the injections of hyaluronidase may not hurt! This way you can get to the desired end point sooner than trying things that we don't know if they will be successful or detrimental.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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I f you are unhappy with the rsults of restylane injection you may want to consider having your doctor dissolve it.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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