Why Are There Dimples in the Sides of my Butt?

I think its called lateral depression. The dimples are very deep, making my butt look narrow. I'm 5'3, 108 lbs. My butt isn't flat it pokes out. I just want the sides to fill in so it can be more rounder. Are there any exercises I can do to correct it or will gaining more weight work. I don't want surgery.

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Dimples on side of butt.

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It is hard to tell without seeing photos of your condition.  Sounds like you need to see a board certified plastic surgeon to get a direct answer. 

Brazilian Butt Lift will correct the lateral buttocks hollowing......

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It is very common to have the lateral buttocks depression that you refer to. Weight gain may possibly correct this for you, but how much weight will you have to gain to have this area fill in? And, how much bigger will the rest of your body get in the process?
Building up your gluteus muscle may also help.

Fat grafting aka the Brazilian Butt Lift would also be an option if you cannot get the results you are seeking on your own.

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