Is It Possible to Reduce or Remove Muscle in the Left Buttock?

I bought an exercise machine 10 years ago and put more pressure on my left leg. This greatly increased the muscle size in my left buttock. I then put more pressure on my right leg, but the muscle size in the right buttock did not increase. Both buttock cheeks are now completely asymmetrical.

I have had Liposuction which has made an improvement visually, but the muscle is excrutiatingly painful when sitting and even after hoovering. I have been looking into fat grafting. Can I reduce/remove the muscle in my left buttock? My GP won't help. Please help!

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Buttock muscle

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From your description you have one gleuteal muscle bigger than the other.or one is smaller than the other.

associated with pain discomfort, then you need a full work up. stop all excercise and you need MRI, after full evaluation and may be an EMG, NERVE CONDUCTION STUDIES.

Make sure there is no pathology in either buttock, then you can think about liposuction. There is no such thing as removing the muscle. If the enlargement is realy due to excercise, it will atrophy when you stop the excercise

Do the full work up.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Cosmetic Reduction of the Gluteus

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Although it sounds as if you may have asymmetrical muscle related hypertrophy of the buttocks I am skeptical having never seen it before. The operation you inquire about does not exist BUT you have a real problem which needs to be worked up. The rapid increase in the left side, the pain  when sitting on it suggest to me that you need a MRI to see what exactly is going on there. Your GP should be ordering this test since you may have a correctable pathology there.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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