I've Seen No Changes After Laser Liposuction, Do the Final Results Take Time?

i just had a laser lipo with optical fiber (for almost a week now) to chest and belly. (i am a guy, 23 yo) i see little to barely nothing gone of the volume that i had before. i might have some bruising but when touching it i feel it like actually fat, so jell-o-y. my question is: the volume will shrink over time or it will stay basically the same that it is now?

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Results after Laser Liposuction

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It is completely normal not to see much difference in your chest and belly one week after liposuction.  Most patients will see a nice difference in 4 to 6 weeks.  However, the final results after laser liposuction occur 3 to 6 months after the procedure. The melted fat is still dissolving for several months making your final result and contour.  Also the laser liposuction devices heat up the collagen in your skin, so that significant skin tightening will occur once the swelling is diminished.  Most patients begin seeing skin tightening around one month after the procedure.  The final skin tightening is done by around 6 months. 

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The final results from all liposuctions take time.

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Don't worry that you don't see much difference after only 1 week from your laser liposuction.  That is normal.  The main concerns are that you don't have any burns, bad puckering or infections from the laser liposuction at this time.  The final results will take at least 4 months but at 1 month you should see a significant improvement and watch as it gets better each month.  Sincerely,

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Laser Liposuction - SmartLipo in Atlanta Georgia

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Alex, congrats in having the courage to undergo laser liposuction. Photos of your chest and abdomen will help answer this question. As you may know, the final results of laser liposuction may take a few weeks. Most patients are swollen for about 1 month and the swelling will start to go away. You may not see the final result until about 3 - 6 months. You should discuss this with your Plastic surgeon as soon as possible to make sure everything is going well. I hope your cosmetic surgeon is a trained board certified plastic surgeon?

Basically, laser liposuction by a board certified plastic surgeon is the best way to ensure a good result and for your safety. Your board certified plastic surgeon should have discussed these types of questions prior to surgery. In my practice, our patients are giving specific and realistic instructions on what to expect after laser liposuction. I call my patients to make sure they have no further questions. We also follow our patients very closely to ensure they have a great experience during the process.

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