After the BBL Via the Traditional Method,can I Get Laser Lipo Where Fat Was Taken?

So I am very interested in getting the Brazilian butt lift with fat removed from my upper body via the traditional liposuction method. I would like to also get laser lipo to shrink the fat and kill the cells once the fat has been removed. Can this be done?

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Brazilian Butt Lift and laser liposuction

Fat is removed for a Brazilian butt augmentation with liposuction. There are different liposuction techniques that can be used to harvest the fat including traditional liposuction. In my practice, I use power-assisted liposuction for this procedure. Power-assisted liposuction is similar to traditional liposuction in that it uses a suction cannulla, but the cannula vibrates back and forth allowing the extraction of viable fat. Now, the power of this liposuction cannula needs to be decreased by half because it will damage the fat for subsequent transfer.

In my practice in Houston, I typically wait for about 6 months after a Brazilian Buttlift before revising an area that requires additional contour. Any type of lipo can accomplish this task including laser lipo. Although I am not a big proponent of laser lipo for high volume liposuction, it works well for small areas. I do not recommend using laser lipo as the modality of choice to harvest the fat for transfer for the Brazilian butt lift. In other words, during the first surgery (Brazilian buttlift) it is contraindicated to use laser lipo. Remember:  You need the fat alive in order for the results to be long lasting.

In summary, do not do laser lipo or ultrasonic lipo for a Brazilian butt lift procedure. Wait for at least 6 months after the Brazilian buttlift and see how your skin retracts and if there are any areas that will require revisions. If this is the case, any method of lipo will be acceptable.

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After the BBL Via the Traditional Method,can I Get Laser Lipo Where Fat Was Taken?

Yes, I do this very frequently in my practice. A posted photo would have been a great help in advising you. Best of luck. 

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Brazilian Butt Lift and laser liposuction

You can have the Brazilian butt lift procedure combined with laser liposuction.  The fat is harvested first, usually with tumescent or Vaser liposuction.  Laser liposuction is then used on the harvest areas in hopes of smoothing the result and tightening the skin. 

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Brazilian Butt lift

ou need lots of good information, NOT SELLING POINTS.

First the laser liposuction does not shrink the skin,

You need all the fat you can give for the brazilian butt lift.



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