Burned by Laser: Open Skin Wounds

I had laser lipo on my thighs+arms. I now have open burn wounds on the back of my arms, apprx 4x5" size, and a similar area on my thigh. The colors of the wounds range: red, purple, yellow, pink. Some parts moist and oozing, smaller parts drying up.

Some parts dark purple but still covered with a thin skin layer; I assume since the layer underneath is dead and burned, this skin will come off too? Do I need a skin graft? Will I be scarred for life? Doc acts like no problem, all normal. Seriously?

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Open wounds after laser liposuction

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open wounds are rare after liposuction of any sort.  laser liposuction adds a component of heat and this can cause thermal burns if the laser cannula was not moved enough and the tissue heated to an unsafe level or if there was not enough local anesthetic injected.  If there are open wounds they need to be treated well to prevent infection and minimize scarring. You may need to see a second opinion urgently.

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Laser liposuction burn

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Dear Spices,

Although it is not common to have a burn after a laser liposuction procedure, it may happen.  Depending on the level of the depth of the burn and the type of your skin, scarring might be the result, and furthermore, depending on the severity of the scarring you may or may not need a skin graft.

I would recommend a consultation or a second opinion with a board certified plastic surgeon to evaluate your wounds.

Kambiz Jacob Cohen-Kashi, New York Plastic Surgeon

Kambiz Jacob Cohen-Kashi, MD
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Laser Liposuction

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Without pics and a time frame of the injury, it is impossible to give accurate information.  If this is still going on after a week, then you have some more serious thermal injuries.  I would return to the office and get more advice, even on a daily basis and express your concern.  If this is not sufficient, see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and they will guide you.

Vivek Bansal, MD
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Burning the skin with laser liposuction is a risk. You might want to get another opinon if your surgeon dismisses the burn.

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What you describe is a large area that may be burned.  If this is true, and withouth examining I can't say, you may have a major problem.  I think it may be time to get another opinion.  Send a photo if you wish.

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