Did I Waste my Money? It's Been Over 1 Month Since I Did Smart Lipo and I See No Results? (photo)

Ok I see no sign of my stomach getting smaller. I had smart lipo done to my flanks and upper and lower part of my stomach and it looks like it look before the smart lipo FAT! March 14, 2012 is when I got it done it's April 25 2012 and nothing has changed. I wear a garment, but not that body magic thing they had me spen 130 bucks for because I can't even move in it in workor use the bath room for that matter. Someone please reasure me and tell me that I didn't use all my income tax money for noth

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You should see results 6 weeks after any type of liposuction

Not final results, but at least some results.  I wouldn't expect your results to improve much after this point.  Perhaps your plastic surgeon (if he/she was indeed a plastic surgeon and not some other kind of doctor who took a liposuction weekend course!) wasn't aggressive enough in the approach.  Do discuss your concerns with him or her.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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See surgeon to talk about results

Please return to your surgeon to discuss your results. You should have some improvement if enough fat was removed, although if there is a lot of excess skin then liposuction may not have been the right treatment for you in the first place. A tummy tuck may have been more suitable.

Michael Constantin Gartner, DO
Paramus Plastic Surgeon
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