4 Months After Smartlipo Touch Up, Could It Be Swelling Still? (photo)

4 months after my smartlipo touch up below my bellybutton, (they broke up some fibrosis and did a small touch up) could it be swelling still? gets better and worse (not sure but I think when I eat salty food?). Massage therapist said it doesn't feel like scar tissue, and the massages arent making it better anymore (although she broke up some scar tissue in the first couple treatments) what could it be? Can I help it somehow, or does it just need more time, or?

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Bumps post laser liposuction

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its possible that u might have some residual fat that did respond to the laser liposuction. u might wanna seek advice form your surgeon who did the procedure for you and discuss your concerns with him/her. minor revisions are very common after liposuction procedures. u might benefit from that as opposed to getting repeat massages that dont seem like much of a help at this time

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