Deviated Septum Surgery, is It Possible for the Nose to Return to Its Original Position?

I had surgery seven days ago, septorhinoplasty. I think the septum is retuning to the original position, each day it looks a little further across is this normal. I have my post operative assessment tomorrow to remove my cast, if this is the case is there anything my surgeon can do to stop it from moving further

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Deviated septum may return to its original position after surgery, unfortunately.

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Hi “Sporty7”;

Yes, unfortunately septi may return to their original position after surgery.  Frankly, this indicates that perhaps not enough was done to correct and break the “spring” that kept the septum off center. 

Typically, in most septal operations, the bent or crooked part of the septum is manipulated by a variety of techniques so that the curve is no longer stiff and self-sustaining.  So when the incisions are closed and the operation is completed the septum now spontaneously resumes a midline position. 

It is possible there is some swelling issues, but certainly the surgeon needs to examine the inside of the nose to make sure there is no:

  •    Undue swelling
  •    Bleeding or infection
  •    Anything that may be influencing the septum and causing less than an ideal result

Understand that even if the outcome is not satisfactory, it is certainly possible to have a revision septoplasty. a corrective procedure.

Generally you must wait three to four months for all the healing to be complete for another evaluation of exactly how the septum is positioned and to ascertain that it is an appropriate time to re-operate.  

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Can nose revert to its original position?

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Yes, the cartilage has memory and can attempt to revert to its original position. This usually takes more than a few days, however. Your view of the nose may be distorted by the way the swelling is beginning to go down Definitely consult with your surgeon who can assess the result.

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