I Developed Capsular Contracture in my Left What Will Happen if I Don't Have It Removed?

My left breast has a slightly different shape but im scared of getting the scar tissue removed because it my occur again. If I decide to leave it alone what will happen? it's not that hard as it use to be can it over time get harder?

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Capsular Contracture

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If you are not having pain / discomfort with the scar tissue being present and don't mind the "change in shape" due to the scar tissue, you don't HAVE to surgically remove the scar tissue.  You can try aggressive massage and ask your surgeon about Accolate to see if that would help in your case.  If you become uncomfortable with the look or the pain associated with the scar tissue, then it's time to have surgery.  Your scar tissue may or may not get worse... no one can predict.

Treating capsular contracture

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As long as the contracture is soft, you may want to hold off.  However, if the scarring is bad and you really want it treated, I would recommend getting the capsule removed and a new implant placed.  You'll still have a risk of getting more contracture, so you may want to entertain the idea of getting Alloderm placed inside as well.  Talk to your plastic surgeon about the details of Alloderm and how it can help you.

Long term capsular contracture

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Capsulsar contracture is simply an aggressive scar response around an implant. Massage and sometimes ultrasound therapies can help soften the scar. The natural progression tends to harden to a degree then stay at that level. Surgical removal of the capsule often fixes the problem. To increase the likelihood of success, the use of a dermal matrix (ie Strattice) can decrease the incidence following capsulectomy. The cost of a dermal matrix is significant and thus usually used in tertiary or recurrent cases.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Nothing need necessarily be done.

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Capsular contracture does not produce any health problems so there is no real medical need to do anything about it. Your contracture may remain as is or it can become more severe resulting in some discomfort from the shear tightness of the contracture. If this happens you might be prompted to seek some relief in spite of your concerns about a recurrence of the contracture.Incidentally, your concerns are well founded since there is a fairly high recurrence rate of a surgically released capsular contracture. Certainly if you elect to do nothing do not expect your contracture improve spontaneously. You might also ask your surgeon about the drug Accolate that  is reported to help prevent recurrence after surgery and even possibly provide some relief without surgery. In summary, in the absence of the contracted breast becoming painful there is really no medical reason to address the problem. Most decisions to undergo surgery for capsular contractures are made to improve the appearance and to restore the softness of breast.

David A. Ross, MD (retired)
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Normal Response To Foreign Material

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It’s normal for the body to react to a foreign material such as a breast implant by forming a scar.This scar surrounds the breast implant and is known as a capsule.Capsule formation occurs in every patient to some degree following breast augmentation.In most cases, this represents a normal response to foreign material being placed inside your body.

The presence of a significant capsule has no impact on a patient’s overall health.Unfortunately, they tend to be progressive and may significantly disrupt day-to-day life.The tightness associated with capsule formation can cause significant pain and discomfort.In addition, capsule formation may be associated with aesthetic deformities as well.Capsules can cause implant distortion and malposition.

How capsules progress is unpredictable and for this reason, it’s not unreasonable to monitor the progress of capsules over the course of time.It’s important to stay in close contact with your plastic surgeon.Your surgeon can help you with this very difficult problem.If distortion, malposition, or significant pain ensues, it’s reasonable to proceed with capsulectomy or capsulotomy at that time.

I developed capsular contracture in my left - what will happen if I don't have it removed?

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Hello! Thank you for your question! Physical examination will determine if you have capsular contracture. The look and feel of hardness surrounding your implant is seen and/or felt. At its worst, you experience pain. It may also cause distortion of your breast. What has caused it will be in question.

Your surgeon will likely recommend implant massage and may add the medication Singulair. If these fail, surgical correction may be suggested. It is a matter of surgeon preference as well as what is seen during your procedure that will determine whether or not a complete capsulectomy is performed. If significant capsule formation is seen intraoperatively, a full capule removal may be warranted with a drain in order to completely remove all of the tissue and allow better adherence of your breast back to its normal anatomic position down on your chest wall. Irrigating with certain medications may also be if benefit. If minimal contracture is seen, it may be possible to leave the capsule, or place cuts within the capsule to allow better adherence. It truly is dependent on what is seen with your capsule and the issues that may be causing you to have such a procedure (e.g., contracture from rutptured implant vs pain vs simple pocket adjustment, etc).

Without knowing your issues and without an examination, it is difficult to tell you what may be the best thing for you. I tend to favor performing capsulectomies in order to create a fresh pocket, reshape the pocket, allow better shape and adherence of the overlying breast. I would discuss your issues with your plastic surgeon who will assist you in determining the right modality for you. Hope that this helps! Best wishes!

Hard left implant

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Everyone gets a capsule and you are no different.If one breasts gets harder it can affect the shape suchas in your case.You can massage it and just leave it alone.

Scar tissue will not go away.

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The capsular contracture may stay the same or may get worse with time. If you decide to have surgery to remove the scar tissue, it is usually best to remove all the scar tissue and use a new implant to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Untreated capsular contracture

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If you don't address capsular contracture there is no risk to your health. The scar tissue will not go away without surgery, but this is only a cosmetic issue. If you  begin to develop symptoms (pain) you may want to have the scar tissue removed and the breast implant replaced.  The scar tissue could remain stable for many years, however it could also begin to progressively become harder over time in certain cases.

You don't have to do anything until you have pain and there are no health risks.

Best wishes,


The fates of capsular contractures

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If you don't have surgery cc will either stay the same or might get a bit worse or even dramatically worse and super hard.  But it won't go away on it's own.

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