What's wrong with my body? Breasts won't stop growing and they hurt?

I'm 27, and my breasts still haven't stopped growing. I'm not a late bloomer - they started when I was 8. I had a reduction at 24, going from a K to a D, and I'm already back to an H. The worst part is that they hurt terribly. My breast size is not effected by weight change - that's actually the last place I lose from! I am on Nexplanon to control PCOS, I am unsure if that has anything to do with this. I'm miserable and contemplating a second reduction, but know that that won't stop them.

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Breasts won't stop growing and they hurt.

What you describe is not typical and should prompt a visit with your OB or endorinologist to make sure everything is balanced wit your polycystic ovary. You can have a second reduction though first strt with the medical issues.

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Breasts still growing

I would recommend seeing your doctor to discuss this, it may be hormonal but you need to be assessed first by your doctor to have a proper check up before contemplating any surgery.

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