Can a Dermatologist Administer Botox?

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Botox administered by Dermatologists

Absolutely.  Dermatologists are the specialists most commonly administering Botox injections and often have the most experience in doing so.  As mentioned, one of the two pioneers of its cosmetic use was a dermatologist.  You want to see a specialist who is well versed in  facial anatomy and has a great deal of experience such as a dermatologist, facial plastic surgeon, ENT or oculoplastic surgeon.  This is far more important than getting what seems like a good 'deal' from someone who may be lacking in experience.  

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Dermatologist can absolutely give Botox

Many dermatologists are excellent Botox injectors.  The most common specialties that give Botox are, Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Ophthalmologists, and ENT specialists.  There are other doctors who also give Botox.  The key is to find an injector who has experience and a good reputation in the community.  Recommendations from you doctors, friends who have had treatments,  and online reviews are often very helpful.  

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Dermatologist and Botox

Yes, a dermatologist is well qualified to administer botox injections.  Typically, botox injections can be injected by a variety of specialists.  Each injector will have his/her own nuances which can be applied to your specific, unique results.

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Can A Dermatologist Administer Botox?

Absolutely. Dermatology is considered one of the core aesthetic medical specialties. The physicians who are trained in dermatology, plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery/ENT, and oculoplastic surgery/ophthalmology are the physicians who have undergone the years of very rigorous training necessary to be experts in the anatomy and function of the human face.
Seeking an experienced physician in a core specialty will give you the most assurance of being in the hands of someone who can treat you safely and with an aesthetic "eye," and also be prepared to understand any issues and complications that may arise as well.

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Can a Dermatologist Administer Botox?

Great Question, 

A Dermatologist can absolutely inject Botox, find an experienced injector who can provide you with the best result

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Dermatology and botox

Both dermatologists and plastic surgeons are qualified to inject botox as long as they are trained in the procedure and have a good understanding of facial anatomy.

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Can a dermatologist administer Botox?

Yes, a dermatologist is a great choice when you are looking to have treatment with Botox. I would recommend choosing a board certified physician who has a great deal of experience, as this will help you obtain the best possible result. I hope this helps, and best of luck to you.

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Can a Dermatologist Administer Botox?

Yes a dermatologist can inject Botox, seek an experienced injector who provide you great results.

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Dear alloy_smile

Thank you for your question!  Botulinum Toxin can be administered by any Medical Doctor- BUT- you want an expert that understands beauty and how to shape your face to give the best results.

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Yes, Dermatologists can administer Botox

Dermatologists are trained in botulinum toxin injections as part of their training.  During dermatology residency, dermatologists are trained and tested on the facial muscle anatomy.  Additionally, your dermatologist may attend conferences and lectures where they learn advanced injection techniques.

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