What is the Best Dermal Filler for Decolletage Rejuvenation ?

I had juvederm in my tear trough and I am suggested as well to do it for a decolletage rejuvenation as I start having a wrinkled decolletage, wrinkles look like strechmarks and I think, it's probably due to overexposures to the sun as I live in LA. My question is what is according to your expertise the best dermal filler for a successful decolletage rejuvenation ? I heard about mesolis+ which has a high concentration of HA but also juvederm hydrate or restylane vital, what do you think? thanks !

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Restylane or juvederm fill in the neck and chest creases nicely.

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Restylane or juvederm both are good injectables that fill in the neck and chest creases easily and quickly.  Most longer lasting fillers tend to get bumpy in these areas.  It does usually take 2-3 syringes to do the job though for roughly $550/syringe.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD 

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Decolletage: treatment

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Wrinkles in the decolletage area are most commonly the result of sun exposure.  Smoking and weight fluctuation can also add to the loss of skin elasticty in this area, but sun exposure is by far the main culprit.  Treatment of this problem should be thought in similar terms as treatment of skin laxity and the resulting wrinkles seen in the face.  Soft tissue fillers are designed to add volume and are not meant to treat skin laxity.  The many wrinkles that are often seen in the decolletage area would necessitate a larger quantity of soft tissue filler use and therefore higher cost.  The use of 2-3 syringes for mild improvement of this area lasting only 6 months or so may be prohibitive for many patients.  Another way to treat this are is to use the combination of multiple light skin resurfacing by laser or checmical peel and a soft tissue tightening modality such as Ulthera.  Currently this is my treatment of choice.  Ulthera uses ultrasound and has essentially no downtime.  It is designed to be used yearly.  Skin resurfacing such as light fractional co2, fraxel, or chemical peels can be performed every 6-8 weeks until the desired result is obtained.


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Dr Remus Repta

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