So depressed after getting Invisalign today--attachments are obvious?

I am very frustrated and sad right now.  I had braces when I was a teenager and from not wearing a retainer, my lower jaw crowded.  I opted for Invisalign over ClearCorrect as I have heard better things about Invisalign.  The orthodontist I chose did not explain to me that I might need buttons.  I went to pick up my trays today, and I needed 10 buttons, 6 of them on my top teeth.  They are very sharp and big and they look so obvious, even with the tray in.  If I knew this, I would have opted for clear braces or clear correct instead, since both are teacher (and clear correct uses less attachments).  Before I left, I even asked the orthodontist to smooth the attachments down but he said no.  I asked him if I could just remove the attachments on the top with the understanding that I wouldn't get the same results without them (plus, I don't mind the way my top teeth look anyway).  He also said I couldn't do that, but shouldn't I have a say in what goes on my teeth?   So my general question is what should I do?  Also, is there a way I can use a nail file myself to just file down two attachments so they look a little smoother?

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I Hate My Attachments

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As the other dentists have said, your attachments are a necessary part of your treatment. Some patients find they are less noticeable if the fill their trays with water before putting them in. One patient that really worked hard at hiding everything used Biotene for Dry Mouth inside her upper tray as she said it resulted in fewer bubbles!

Toronto Dentist

You need the attachments

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You do not have the option of taking the attachments off.  They are a vital part of the successful movement of your teeth.  I can guarantee that they are less visible than clear braces and I would not even compare clear correct to invisalign.  Deal with it and be happy when your teeth are straight.  Sometimes attachments on the front teeth are unavoidable.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Do the treatment or don't

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You wouldn't ask a heart surgeon to not use all his normal tools would you? Each case is unique, so you can't say clear correct would have used fewer. Clear correct doesn't work as well, so the only other choice really is traditional braces. Of you are so unhappy, take everything off and quit treatment.  

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