Is visceral fat removed during a tummy tuck?

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Is visceral fat removed during a tummy tuck?

When performing a tummy tuck I am dealing with the fat and skin above the muscles of the abdominal wall.  I never actually see the organs or the visceral fat. The best way to predict how much visceral fat you have is to have a look at what your abdomen looks like when you are lying down, if your tummy is still protruding it is better to work with diet and exercise to reduce total body fat including visceral fat. Remember that the lying down view is a reflection of what your tummy tuck result will look like.
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Is visceral fat removed during a tummy tuck?

Unfortunately we are unable to remove visceral fat (internal fat around the abdominal organs) during an abdominoplasty. There is a simple test to determine if visceral fat is too prominent to allow good Tummy Tuck results. Lie on your back on a flat firm surface. If your abdomen is higher off the ground than the bottom of your rib cage, you are not a good candidate for a TT.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Is visceral fat removed during a tummy tuck?

Visceral fat is not nor should it be removed during a tummy tuck. Violating the peritoneum exposes you to potential complications and is not indicated nor routine. That will take diet and exercise to reduce I am afraid.

Julio Garcia, MD
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Visceral Fat Removed During Tummy Tuck? #tummytuck

No visceral fat is within the abdominal cavity and can only be lost from diet and exercise. We only remove the fat and skin on the outside of the abdominal cavity and above the abdominal muscles.

Richard J. Brown, MD
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An abdominoplasty does not remove intraperitoneal fat.

Fat within the abdominal cavity or visceral fat is not removed during and abdominoplasty. Fat between the abdominal wall and the skin is.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Visceral fat not removed during a tummy tuck

A tummy tuck involves removing excess skin and fat that is superficial to the abdominal muscles.  Visceral fat is actually around the internal organs, which is deep within the abdomen.  A tummy tuck does not remove this fat.

William Andrade, MD
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Visceral fat removal with tummy tuck

A tummy tuck procedure does not to remove visceral fat, which is located inside your abdomen around your internal organs.

Erik Miles, MD, FACS
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Is visceral fat removed during a tummy tuck?

It’s an excellent question that you're asking and the short answer is that a tummy tuck does not remove visceral fat. Visceral fat however, does play a role during a tummy tuck surgery.

Visceral fat is inside your abdomen. It lies behind your abdominal wall and envelops your internal organs. After the abdominal wall is tightened during an abdominoplasty procedure, it's the visceral fat and organs that push against the repair. The less visceral fat that is present at the time of your procedure, the tighter the surgeon can make the abdominal wall during the "muscle repair". If a patient gains a significant amount of weight after an abdominoplasty procedure, the internal visceral fat can push against the repair and restretch the abdominal wall.

The effect of the visceral fat at the time of your procedure is part of the reason that plastic surgeons commonly request that patients are at a stable weight prior to performing an abdominoplasty procedure. They don't want the amount of visceral fat to fluctuate. If you plan to lose weight after a tummy tuck procedure, then it's better to lose the weight beforehand, so that the belly can be made even flatter and tighter during the procedure. If you gain weight after the procedure, then there is concern that you could stretch out the muscle repair. Visceral fat can be reduced by using diet and exercise, in the same way that you would lose fat anywhere else in the body. It's best to hit your goal weight, and then move forward with a tummy tuck surgery. 

Good luck on your journey.

Austin Hayes, MD
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Tummy tuck question

As you have already heard, visceral fat (intra-abdominal fat) is not removed with a tummy tuck. This is important to understand as the increased abdominal girth is some people can be mostly due to this visceral fat and they might not benefit from an abdominoplasty.  

Mark Anton, MD, FACS
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Does a Tummy Tuck remove visceral fat?

Hello and thank you for your question. Cosmetic procedures such as a tummy tuck or liposuction do not address visceral fat. If you do have a lot of this deeper type of fat, the only way to get rid of it is through weight loss (either through diet and exercise or gastric bypass or a combination of these). Losing this weight and getting down to a healthier BMI will give you the best aesthetic outcome after your Tummy Tuck procedure.

Paul M. Steinwald, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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