Can you explain the difference between Ultra Shape and Ultrasonic Cavitation with RF?

I'm just wondering if both of these are in actuality the same thing (since they are both ultrasound mediums), how big a treatment area is, how long a treatment on an area would need to be to work and if one is superior to another (based off the machine or delivery), and how long until you see results, etc? Thank you!

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Ultra shape

IT takes 3 treatments. The treatments should be two weeks apart. and after the last treatment you should see the results about thirty days later.

The results are very good an similar to cool sculpting. There is no pain associated with his procedure and you get even results. 

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Ultrashape vs Ultrasonic Cavitation

Thank you for your question.First of all, radiofrequency (RF) does not actually use ultrasonic cavitation.It uses thermal energy to disrupt the fat cells in an indicated area, so that they can be discarded through the body.Ultrashape does use ultrasound and ultrasonic cavitation to do the same thing.So, essentially the difference is in the mode that is used to irritate the fat cells.One treatment modality uses heat while the other uses ultrasound.I hope this clears things up a bit.

Reps B. Sundin, MD
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Ultrashape / Coolsculpting / RF VERSUS HI Definiton Liposuction

Ultrashape is microfocused ultrasound, no pain, little downtime.  RF can be applied internally or externally but typically works for skin tightening more than fat reduction.  Ultrasonic cavitation (ie VASER) is surgical and works great for fat reduction and skin tightening but has much more downtime. Best, Dr. Emer.

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Ultrashape vs Ultrasonic Cavitation

Thanks for your question.There are various technologies out there and it can be confusing.Radiofrequency (RF) does not use ultrasonic cavitation.Ultrashape uses ultrasound and ultrasonic cavitation to rupture fat cells.Radiofrequency uses thermal energy to irritate fat cells and thus create a reduction in the fatty layer.RF basically does with heat what CoolSculpting does with cold temperature.So, the main difference here is that Ultrashape uses ultrasound whereas RF uses heat.I hope this is helpful.

Burton M. Sundin, MD
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